In Pervola the passion for hospitality dominates and the pleasure to please is the fundamental principle practiced daily and in depth. Designed for a life close to nature and close to the people living with it. Built artfully and in a balanced way with natural materials and modern technology. Artisans from the region restored two traditional houses and added three new residences.

Equipped with old furniture and objects, traditional and from other contemporary designers.

The combination of comfort and simplicity as well as the blend of tradition and the present offer guests an ideal lifestyle. In the village main occupation is with agriculture, stock farming, bee-keeping and handicraft-making. In the area there are many wineries, distilleries, oil production houses, product standardization facilities and alteration houses older and contemporary. Historically transactions and product exchanges date as far back as the Minoan era with the palaces of Knossos, Festos and Gortys and later the Byzantine period when the property came into the hands of the Church, leading to this day which is made by local residents.

Sarhos was named after the ancient god Archos who was worshiped by the Knossians and the Tylisians. The village is located 240m altitude and 25 km from Heraklion and is roughly in the center of Crete. Village life starts early in the morning and residents' work is a full-day affair. The sun's first light floods Pervola which is followed by a vibrant good morning. Work ends late in the evening and ends with traditional delicacies and raki at homes or in coffee-shops. Very often follows a Cretan feast with music and serenades.

The lyre and the lute is present in any home. Come take a walk on the beautiful neighborhoods with traditional alleys, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and hen-houses... To have a tour in the local folklore museum and visit the old watermill. To venture in the unexplored cave of the village accompanied by the chirping of birds. To cycle or walk routes full of scents and colors. To gather herbs, greens, olives, grapes and snails from the beautiful area and generous nature. To prepare pitas, appetizers and desserts. To cook the wonderful meals that the Cretan cuisine can offer!

Come and celebrate the NATURAL LIFE IN CRETE.